Willing To Negotiate, Obama Offers To Set Up Isolationist Camps For Those Who Don’t Want To Pay Taxes

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In an effort to appease the uprising of secessionists, President Obama is putting forward a plan that will allow all those who don’t want to pay taxes the ability to live within the confinement of isolationist camps. These camps will have no public utilities, no publicly maintained roads, no public postal delivery, no public education, no public safety, no publicly regulated commerce, and no use of dollars printed from the US federal reserve, amongst other things.

It is the hope of President Obama that with this peace-keeping strategy he will persuade all those who no longer want to partake in a civilized society and do their civic duty that he hears them and understands them. He seems more than willing to get these citizens out of society and into an area where they may live completely free. However, if they need public assistance they must retroactively pay back all the taxes they failed to pay while living within the isolationist community. However, this may prove difficult since those within the camp will be forced to barter for goods and services or use currency that doesn’t match the US dollar.

These camps will be known as “Subversion Camps” and will be open to any and all individuals who seek to resign their patriotism to their nation and give up all civic responsibility. Many have said that this will be a popular idea among Tea Party activists and Ron Paul supporters.

President Obama would begin building these camps in the spring of 2013 and they would be completed by the end of the spring of 2013 since there won’t be any tax payer money spent to build them,  just the time spent to cordon off areas of land to be built by the citizens who seek to live on their own.


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