Limbaugh: Obama Destroyed An Entire Industry Seconds After “Winning” Election

Rush Limbaugh spent three hours of his radio program this morning blaming President Barack Obama for immediately destroying an entire industry just seconds after winning the election Tuesday night.

“Folks…I gotta say I told you so. I said this would happen, and it didn’t take long. I have been telling of the destructive policies that kill jobs. And here…almost immediately after supposedly “winning” the Presidential election…and that was done by fraud but that’s another story…President Obama was responsible for the destruction of an entire industry almost instantaneously!”

“Yes, my friends it has started. The destruction of an ENTIRE industry. Thousands of people out of jobs immediately. Nowhere to go…Their reputations tarnished…With no prospect of work in the future. Folks, they couldn’t even get a ride home because their business credit card accounts were already terminated, ” ranted Limbaugh.

“This time it’s the Mitt Romney Presidential campaign industry. Next time it may be where you work!”

Presidential campaigns are not usually considered industries and a losing candidate’s campaign organization typically disbands shortly after a Presidential election.


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