Ann Coulter Halloween Costume: Will Go as an Actual Woman

"Coulter" 'Halloween" "costume" "man" "woman"

Conservative mouthpiece Ann Coulter released a statement on @AnnCoulter detailing her Halloween plans, and they might surprise some of her fans. The Fox News regular announced that for this Halloween, she would go as a woman. Through a combination of heavy makeup and some serious costume help, Coulter will actually attempt to pull off the look of an average attractive woman.

For some, it will be hard to imagine the big-throated Coulter deceiving trick-or-treaters into thinking that massive adam’s apple belongs to a woman. To help her, Coulter has reportedly hired a team of some of the best makeup artists Hollywood has to offer. Some of the same people who worked to make Tinseltown’s greatest monsters will be working to transform an ugly ogre into a beautiful woman this Halloween.

“This is the biggest challenge we have ever faced,” said Brad Moreleity, a spokesman for the makeup team that is taking on the Coulter transformation. “We live for these kind of opportunities, and we will make Ann into the image of a lovely looking lady.”

Coulter has been under fire for remarks she said about President Obama in which she used the “R” word, causing some critics to question not only her sanity but her appearance. In fairness, Coulter has never absolutely identified herself with a specific gender in the public arena, which has left the door open for speculation.

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