Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Romney, KKK Gives Nod To Obama

"KKK" "Obama" "Log" "Cabin" "Republicans" "Romney"

The inexplicable political phenomenon known as the Log Cabin Republicans took another step in their efforts to completely baffle observers today by offering their support to Mitt Romney. The conservative Republican candidate has shifted strongly to the right during his eight years spent running for president, becoming more like Sarah Palin and less like a moderate. Bowing to the religious right and taking up the mantra of “God, guns, and I’m the straight white guy,” Romney has solidified his support with the tea party base.

That’s why it is at least a little surprising that the Group Log Cabin Republicans has decided to formally endorse Romney. It seems counter-intuitive to imagine gay Americans supporting a member of today’s Republican Party. His positions on LGBT issues, like all of Romney’s stances, are of course subject to the whim of where he thinks the votes are. Perhaps the Log Cabin folks think he will ease his hard-line once in office. Another group has a different idea.

A few hours after The Log Cabin endorsement of Romney, the KKK came out in full support of President Barack Obama. When asked if they were just trying to capitalize on the potential publicity as well, a KKK spokesman offered different reasoning.

“Y’all see how them gays er pushin’ their agenders by actin’ like they er for Romney? There be sumthin’ to that,” said Bubba-Joe Billy-Mac Bocephus, a spokesman for the KKK. They know the Romney folks don’t like ’em, so puttin’ up a good word for him means good people might not vote if they think they will be supportin’ homos.

“We know libs and hippies and black folk don’t like us, so if they see the KKK favorin’ Obama, they might just stay at home when it be votin’ day.”

Apparently, the KKK thinks supporting the president will turn off voters and help Romney win. To this observer, it makes as much sense as the Log Cabin Republicans supporting the Republican candidate.

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