Tim Tebow Trademarks ‘Tebowing,’ Adds Bad Play And Poor NFL Skills

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Tim Tebow has been somewhat of a lightning rod after joining the NFL. Fans of the game aren’t too taken with him, while supporters of his outlandish displays of religious belief can’t see any fault. His play on the field has of course only served to deepen the divide. Tebow can only claim consistency in two things – his stalwart belief and his mediocre play. The Jets won’t even play him at running back when they are short running backs and he doesn’t get much time behind center. Without taking action to keep his name in the news, Tebow looked to be headed to the dust bin of NFL busts.

Then he found a way to extend his 15 minutes. In keeping with the Christian tradition of making money any way you can through virtually any means possible, Tebow has found a way to turn his fame and notoriety into bottom line dollars. He filed a trademark application for the “Tebowing” for starters. Not just the word, he wants the rights for the act itself as well. Now anyone who drops to one knee with a fist to their forehead might have to pony up and pay the preacher. It’s not certain how he would be able to enforce the trademark, seeing as how people have done similar things for centuries.

Perhaps Tebow felt emboldened by his move to trademark his prayer pose, or it could be that he wanted to secure another source of income through something he does all the time. He also applied for a trademark on bad quarterback play and being completely irrelevant to the team paying him millions of dollars. If Tebow is granted the trademark, he will gain exclusivity when it comes to absolutely sucking as a quarterback.

If that happens, he will get paid every time Blaine Gabbert goes 3-and-out, for example. Tebow could make a lot of money around the league each and every Sunday. Instead of passing around an offering plate at church for the faithful to contribute to his preaching, overpaid football players will be adding to the Tebow fortune.

Many objective observers feel like neither trademark filing is that bad. The first might deter the average Joe from mimicking the self-serving act of “Tebowing,” while the second could serve to encourage better QB play around the NFL.


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