Binders Full of Women: New Dating Site Offers Misogynists Binders of Choices

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Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s policies toward women have been called misogynist and designed to keep women in what some call their “rightful place.” Thanks to Romney’s mention of “binders full of women” during the presidential debate, like-minded men who like their women a certain way have a place to go.

Binders Full of Women is a new dating site designed to make it easy for the hard-working executive with too much importance and too little time to skip actually getting to know a woman and picking from a binder in the category he is interested in. Choices are designed to ensure the incredibly successful man an easy path to exactly what he is looking for.

Men can browse categories like “Nice Caboose,” “Giant bazungas,” and “Purty Mouth.” If he’s searching for something more, there are binders labeled “2nd..3rd…or 12th Wife,” and “Knows Place.” Concerned that your current wife won’t provide a son for your over-bloated legacy to carry on? Pick up the “Heir Oven” binder. Of course, sometimes a man just wants a woman who puts out and doesn’t require a lot of dating or conversation to get her there. If that’s you, guys, the “Crank Skank” binder is sure to meet your manly needs.

If what you need is to pad your resume before running for national office, the site even offers a binder for that. “Professional Women if you Need to Hire One” will help you bump up your numbers when you need to.

Binders Full of Women is brand new, but can already claim noteworthy celebrities like Alex Rodriguez and Donald Trump. In fact, the Donald gave a personal endorsement.

“I’m far to important to give a damn about a woman’s feelings,” he said. “With Binders Full of Women, I choose my fun time gal at my leisure, give the company a call, and they send a woman who understands why she is there – no pussy-footing around.”

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