Sarah Palin Reports Mysterious White Rolled Up Items On Front Lawn

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Former Alaska Governor and Fox News Contributor Sarah Palin, rightfully already on edge about recent mysterious white powder sent to her daughter Bristol’s dressing room on the “Dancing With The Stars” set, reported to the FBI that mysterious white rolled up items are now appearing on her front lawn on a daily basis.

“Well, I’m seeing these things and they’re out on my lawn. They’re white, rolled up, things. It’s the craziest thing! It looks like there might even be words on them. The one on Sunday was the biggest and that’s what had me really worried. Then the Monday one was a good amount smaller…and the same with the Tuesday one. You can never be too careful with all of these haters out there, sending their chicken pox vaccines and things to ABC where my daughter works, trying to scare people, ” she told the Associated Press in a Tuesday night interview.

A FBI stake-out early Thursday morning resulted in the brief detention of 12-year-old Billy Pearson, who was later released after it was confirmed that he was simply the delivery boy for The Wasilla Times. The FBI considers the case to be closed.

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