Romney Converts to Judaism After Visiting the Wailing Wall To “Strengthen his bond with Israel”

"Romney" "Judaism" "Israel" "Wailing Wall"

Presidential hopeful and Republican frontman Mitt Romney visited Israel over the weekend. While in Jerusalem he made a stop at the Wailing Wall to offer prayers and reflection. After meditating for what seemed like several minutes, he stepped away from the wall and returned to the group he was touring with. He revealed to them that while he stood at the wall he had a vision, much like that of his Joseph Smith, but instead this vision told him that he should convert to Judaism because it would be crucial to “strengthen his bond with Israel, and stand up against those who want to see the Holy Kingdom fall.” 

Romney, a devout Mormon, has been traveling around the world to let other nations know his intention to become the President of the United States. While recently in England he made a number of gaffes that did not bode well for his appearance, so he decided to take a trip to Israel to stand with his “closest allies” and let the rest of the world understand his goal to “save humankind from those who seek to destroy it.” 

” I stand with you, my brothers of Israel, to reach a common goal of understanding. I’m offering up to you my faith. I’m letting you know now that I stand with you not only in spirit, but in the spirit of the same God of Abraham that we all worship. I have decided to take the proper course of action to convert to Judaism so that you may realize how much I value this friendship and bond of cooperation to save humankind from those who seek to destroy it. May we reach the pinnacle of conflict, you will know that with me as the President of the United States, you will always have an ally to stand by you come what may. I stand with you, oh brothers of Israel, I stand with you.”

The response from those in Israel has been mixed. While some respect Mitt Romney’s decision of faith, others are perplexed as to why he would take such drastic measures to become a “better friend of Israel.” Needless to say, the reaction within the Church of the Latter Day Saints is not as mixed. They are outraged that he would abandon their faith on such a political whim. Romney has been a major player within the Mormon faith for his entire life, including offering up ten percent of his income to their church. This is no doubt a major blow to Mormonism, and the impact to the relationship between Israel, Palestine, Iran, and the United States is now set to teeter.

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