The United States Will Use Chinese Athletes in the Olympics to Save Money

"USA" "Olympics" "Chinese"

The United States will not only be wearing Chinese made apparel at this year’s London Olympic Games, but they will also be using Chinese athletes to keep costs down.

Going alongside Ralph Lauren making our US Olympic apparel in China, US Olympic organizers have asked that all American athletes stay home this year.

The United States Olympic Committee has released the following statement:

“We noticed that we were able to save an immense amount of money ordering apparel made in China, so we figured we would take it a step further. We have contracted athletes from China to perform for the United States at this year’s London games. They have agreed to sleep 15 to a room, eat minimally, perform in multiple events, as well as not require any medical attention. This will bring the number of athletes from hundreds down to a couple dozen. We believe with our savings, this year’s games will be the best yet. We are grateful to all of our new athletes. Go Team USA!”

This outsourcing of athletes is new, but not surprising considering the United States’ love for goods made in the People’s Republic of China, so why not athletes as well?

It’s going to be an interesting Olympic Games this year, to say the least. Only time will tell if this outsourcing of athletes will bode well for the United States.

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