Justin Bieber’s Cuba Tweets Stir Controversy

Justin Bieber vacationing in Cuba last week

TORONTO  (FWP)   May 29, 2012  –  It appears that the controversy that erupted because of tweets by Florida Marlin’s manager Ozzie Guillen about Fidel Castro did not serve as a lesson to Justin Bieber.  The teen heart-throb has just ignited his own controversy with a series of tweets concerning the communist nation.  Over the weekend Bieber sent out 26 tweets that praised that nation; expressed admiration towards Fidel and Raul Castro and lambasted US policy towards island nation.

All of this activity comes as Bieber is preparing for a 24 city tour which kicks off in Miami on June 26th.  Some have speculated that the tweets may be part of a publicity stunt to draw attention to the tour.  Bieber had just returned from a brief vacation in the Caribbean nation.  The trip and the tweets may be part of a larger effort to change his good boy image.  Others have noted that some of the tweets seem designed to encourage people to vacation in Cuba. On This Week with George Stephanopoulos George Will expressed his opinion that, “This is nothing more than an unconcealed endeavor by this boy wonder to lure additional attention to himself and to advance his own professional calling.”  In response Bieber tweeted, “george will can suck on my canadian shlong”.

Here is a partial list of Bieber’s tweets complete with live links to hash tags that he included,

  • “dont c what all fuss bout #fidelcastro and #raulcastro seem like good guys”
  • “batista was much worse and a US stooge”
  • “cuban econ much better than many in latin Am”
  •  “cubas beaches better than florida @cubatravelnet
  • “fellow canucks, your loonies go farther in cuba @cubatravelnet
  • #cubandoctors help many in Africa and latin Am”

A spokesperson for the pop star commented on the possibility of adding a Havana concert to Bieber’s upcoming tour,

 “Justin was very interested in making Havana a stop on his tour.   They do not get many pop stars in Cuba and as a Canadian Justin would not be breaking laws by performing there.  However, we had to scrap the idea because we were warned that if he performed the US Department of Homeland Security would have given us trouble the next time we tried to visit the US.”

When asked to comment the Cuban ambassador to the United Nations said, “The Republic of Cuba thanks Justin Bieber for his kind words and welcome him to return to our nation again.”

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