Romney: “I don’t hate all homosexuals”

WASHINGTON DC  (FWP)   May 15, 2012  – After a week of news dominated by gay issues the Romney campaign seemed poised to quiet the controversy during in an interview on Fox News Sunday.  Unfortunately for the former Massachusetts Governor his remarks only further inflamed the issue.

“I think people have gotten the wrong idea about me.  It is true that I support retaining the traditional definition of a marriage; however that doesn’t mean that I hate all homosexual people.  There are many homosexuals that I interact with every day and I do not hate them all.”

When asked to provide some names the Governor responded, “Well, I think I owe it to these people to respect their privacy.  They have chosen not to tell people about their private lives and want to honor their choice.”  When asked how he knew that these people were gay he responded, “Well, you know, you can just tell.”

Governor Romney was then asked if there were any non-closeted gay men or women who he did not hate.

“Ever since I was a kid there have been many homosexuals who I have liked a great deal.  I always admired Rock Hudson and Montgomery Clift.  I was shocked when I found out that Liberace was gay.  I loved him.   And of course there was Paul Lynde, easily the best center square to ever be on Hollywood Squares.”

Governor Romney was then asked if there was anyone who was not a dead celebrity that he could add to his list.   He took his time before answering; “Well, I hear that Mary Cheney is very nice.  I also recently met Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal, at a high donor fund-raiser.  He was very impressive.  I hope he keeps in touch with my campaign”

Soon after the interview Governor Romney was attacked by Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.  “This is just another example of how the Governor is trying hard to moderate himself and make his campaign more appealing to the radical homosexual lobby.”


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