Fox News Correspondent: Too Much Exercise Makes You Fat

According to all human knowledge and common sense, it is widely known that exercise will help you lose weight, gain muscle mass, and become healthier. However, it seems that Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly told her viewers yesterday during her show “America Live” something quite to the contrary, defying all common sense and natural ability to make simple observations.

It seems that Kelly has a personal vendetta out against First Lady Michelle Obama. For whatever reasons she is just not able to bring herself to agree with one iota of information that might come from the First Lady. Michelle Obama has for quite some time now advocated for healthy eating and exercise to maintain a salubrious life.

As if just by a natural reaction of sorts when a guest on Kelly’s show mentioned the First Lady and her quest for a healthy America, and how she hopes that with the summer months coming more people will head outdoors to exercise, Ms. Kelly blurted out in an awkward and forced manner, “too much exercise makes you fat!”

There was a silence for about 30 seconds, and then Megyn Kelly touched her ear and spoke off camera to what appeared to be a producer, “I know it’s good for you, I just can’t bring myself to agree with her.” There was then another pause and Kelly said off camera again, “then you come on the air! I’m not going to sit here and be forced to agree with a socialist who only wants to tell us what to do with our lives…. No, she is a socialist… SHE IS!”

Ms. Kelly then slammed down her ear piece, unhooked her microphone and stormed off the set muttering what seemed to be, “I will NOT be forced to say things just because they are true.”

The next day on her show things seemed to back to business as usual with no signs of what had happened the previous day. At least we now know that Megyn will say false things just because they agree with her opinion even if they are glaringly lies.


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