“Switzerland is a little b-tch”–Tea Party Congressional freshman’s response to Swiss neutrality

GOP members of Congress have a new battle cry–disregard Switzerland’s neutrality! Well, except when storing your cash in their bank accounts.

On Tuesday, GOP members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs brought up the neutrality of Switzerland while discussing U.S. involvement in Afghanistan and threats from Iran and North Korea.  Apparently subcommittee  member Ted Poe (R-TX) suggested that Switzerland shouldn’t always get a “free break.”  This comment led to a lengthy, yet tenuous discussion regarding the neutrality of Switzerland in future wars and whether or not the U.S. should write a proposal to the UN, encouraging them to disregard Switzerland’s neutrality.  Tea Party freshman and subcommittee member, Tim Griffin (R-AR) was cited as referring to Switzerland as “a little b-tch that doesn’t know how to take sides” and a “spineless country that shouldn’t even have borders.”

Speaking of “little b-tches that don’t know how to take sides,” one may ask how a 2012 Romney administration would react to disregarding the neutrality of Switzerland.  Let us not forget Romney’s assets tucked away in the safe confines of Swiss bank accounts.

Once again, taxpayers get to see how hard Congress is working toward getting America’s economy back on track.  When asked how putting international pressure on Switzerland to abandon its neutrality would positively affect the U.S., an aid to Representative Griffin responded:

If  Switzerland beefs up their rhetoric, finishes our wars and helps start new ones, that would allow us to take some time off.  Less time and resources would be spent on putting boots on the ground and more resources could go into helping our “job creators” send contractors out to Swiss-funded battlefields.


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