Arizona Now Requiring Monthly Ultrasounds For All Women

"Jan Brewer" "Ultrasound" "Arizona"

Another bill in a long series of new laws in Arizona regarding women’s health has just been passed and is on its way to Gov. Jan Brewer next week where she is expected to undoubtedly sign it. This new bill requires all women to obtain monthly ultrasounds from their primary care physician, and if they do not have a primary care provider the state will mandate a visit to a local private clinic.

This bill will reassure the state the condition of all women residing in Arizona to make sure all pregnancies are accounted for and brought to term. State Rep. Terri Proud (R-Tucson) said that “it is not enough to just have a law that declares when life begins, we need to have tangible evidence. We can’t have women skirting the system and unknowingly be pregnant, especially without us knowing first. It’s all about protecting the rights of the unborn.”

When asked if she cared about the rights of the already living State Rep. Terri Proud said, “That is not what is important at this time.”  Which she has seemingly made quite evident, ignoring the personal rights of everyone woman in the state she represents.

President Obama is having the Federal Court system look into the constitutionality of this new law and if it is appropriate to forcefully require a procedure for every woman. He is also concerned about the added expense this will cost taxpayers and the private consumers.

A quick note to all women residing in Arizona… get out while you can.

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