Romney Claims that Denying Climate Change Will Benefit 3rd World

Allentown, Pennsylvania   –   At a rally early Thursday morning Republican Presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney spent part of speech addressing the United State’s role in the developing world.  It is an area of policy that, until now, he has been reluctant to address.  The former Massachusetts Governor was specifically addressing Climate Change when he made the claim that his policies will be more beneficial for developing nations than the current policies of the Obama administration.  There is wide consensus within the scientific community that the adverse effects of man-made climate change will have disproportional impact on developing nations.  In spite of the scientific evidence Mr. Romney was very critical of the President’s policies.

“President Obama’s views on Global Warming will make life even more difficult for those who are already the least well off.  For years Al Gore and others have lectured us with a litany of damages that Global Warming will inflict upon the developing world.  I refuse to believe any of what he says.  As President my policy of denial will be much more beneficial to those nations and their citizens.  I don’t believe in the science. I reject the dismal outlook.  I do not accept the gloomy predictions.  Under the Romney Administration the US will have an official policy of denial.  This will do away with the myth of Global Warming and as a result the third world will NOT suffer from drought, famine, rising sea levels and killer heat waves.  The President cannot make that assertion.  That is why I am the candidate that cares most about the people of the developing world.”

Governor Romney went on to reminisce about his own experiences with people in the developing world.

“As a young man I lived in the developing world while  on my mission for my church.  While I was there I experienced the living conditions of these people.  I saw the poverty and the squalor.  I had to subsist on their meager diet.  I know what their lives are like and they will always have a special place in my heart.”

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