Mitt Romney Admits He Hates Country Music

"Romney" "Country Music"

In yet another seemingly “flip-flop” moment for the Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney was caught on a hot mic at a rally after his recent win in the Wisconsin primary. It seems that Romney has been pandering to his base of country music fans with his Spotify playlist of music that was recently released to the public. The list is mostly comprised of country music acts ranging from Carrie Underwood to Kid Rock, however this most recent hot mic incident has country music lovers nationwide rethinking their devotion to Mitt Romney.

After finishing up his victory speech in Wisconsin, Mitt Romney stepped off stage and began speaking to his campaign manager, Matt Rhoades. He was caught saying, “I can’t wait until this friggin campaign is over so I can stop listening to that God damn country music everywhere I go. I hate it. It’s bad enough I have to pretend to like it, but it seems to follow me like the plague. I’ve heard scratches on a chalkboard that sound more appealing to the ear.” 

As you can imagine this revelation is sending shock waves through the conservative community, whose biggest demographic of support comes from individuals who just happen to adore country music.

There have been a lot of faux pas’ that Mitt Romney has had to overcome, such as when he stated that he can relate to the black community because his family once owned slaves. However, this time I don’t think his supporters will be so forgiving.

When asked about his hot mic gaffe Romney stated, “Of course I love country music, it’s what real Americans listen to.”

That statement has caused yet another stir among Birthers claiming that if Romney hates country music, he’s telling us in code that he’s not really an American.


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