Fox News: Pack Guns And Apples in Your Kid’s Lunch

After identifying the NRA as the real victim in the shooting of an unarmed Florida teen, Fox News suggested that parents should pack their kid’s lunches with guns for self defense. In an interview today with a representative from the National Rifle Association (NRA), Fox News Host Megyn Kelly suggested that parents wouldn’t have to worry about their children if their children were armed.

“Ya (you) know, it’s really a shame when we have shooting incidents that target the NRA because a child’s life was lost.  The first thing liberals will do is go after guns. America could learn from the recent incident in Florida and start preparing their children to defend themselves.  I mean…would it be bad to suggest packing a gun with the apple in little Jack or Jill’s lunch? “

The comment was even enough to cause National Rifle Association representative, Jack Armstrong to immediately shift the conversation to moose hunting.

“Aww well, Megyn I’m not in the position to comment on that, but I can tell you I took down a 1,200lb moose and put his head up on my wall.”

Kelly’s segment aired shortly after Fox ran its first coverage of the February shooting of unarmed Florida teen, Trayvon Martin. The initial coverage largely focused on the threat to gun rights over the controversy of shooting an unarmed child in so-called self-defense–ultimately making the NRA and gun owners the “victims” of incidents as such.

To answer Ms. Kelly’s question in her statement regarding guns and apples–Yes, it would be a bad idea. Something tells us a child’s lunch doesn’t have to pack heat in order to better society and prevent future killings of unarmed citizens. Unfortunately, rumors are already swirling that Fox News has suggested sponsoring an NRA Youth Program workshop on how to fit a Glock in your lunch sack between a bag of chips and cookie while creating a silencer out of your apple.

Calls regarding guns and apples to Fox News have gone unanswered and their representatives refuse to comment.

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