Rush Limbaugh Calls The Virgin Mary A “Hussy” For Becoming Pregnant Before Marriage

It seems that Rush Limbaugh may have gone too far even for some conservatives after his latest slam on women getting pregnant before marriage. Recently on his show he was discussing contraception and premarital sex. He relayed to his audience his utter disapproval of women having sex for “recreational reasons” and even went so far as to call the Virgin Mary a “hussy” for becoming pregnant before she got married.

“What? She’s a hussy. I don’t care how she got pregnant. If God wanted her to be a decent upstanding individual to be remembered throughout all of time He should have impregnated her with Jesus after already being married to Joseph. All it does is set a bad image for girls around the world. It tells girls, don’t worry it’s okay if you become pregnant before marriage, after all that’s how the son of God was conceived. I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to agree with it. To me, she will always be a Christ-carrying hussy. It’s too bad really, she could’ve had a lot of potential.”

As you can only imagine, these comments have outraged not only female advocates, but also religious institutions worldwide. Pope Benedict XVI even made a statement on Limbaugh’s remarks saying, “He who disrespects the Mother Mary in such a way will surely not enter into the Kingdom of God. I am saddened by his poor display of unmindful thinking and irreverence.” Several other religious leaders throughout the United States have declared their disdain for Limbaugh and have encouraged their parishioners to cease listening to his broadcasts.

Limbaugh stands by his remarks, and followed up on his next show stating, “If they don’t like what I said or don’t agree with it, they’re probably hussies too.” 

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