Pat Robertson Admits He’s Really An Atheist, Evangelized For The Money

"Pat Robertson" "televangelist"

Well known televangelist Pat Robertson has been revealing many things about his true beliefs lately. In recent weeks he has advocated for the legalization of marijuana, and said that oral (or for that matter any form of) sex is fine as long as you are married. This latest revelation however, has come as a big of a shock to the Evangelical community. Robertson has revealed that he is not really religious whatsoever, in fact he considers himself an atheist. He admitted to his television audience that he has been in the evangelizing business for the money this whole time.

Robertson admits that his profession of being a “minister of the gospel” has made him a multi-millionaire. He even sold the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) to Rupert Murdoch including the sale of International Family Entertainment (IFE), parent company of the Family Channel, for $1.9 billion. In addition, CBN agreed to sell its more than 3.8 million shares of stock in IFE to Murdoch for $136.1 million.

Robertson also started the “not-for-profit” Regent University, which started as the Christian Broadcasting Network University, but that apparently sounded too dubious so he quickly changed the name. Regent University is only accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and Association of Theological Schools. To try and be accredited otherwise might seem suspicious.

Robertson stated:

I really don’t care about any sort of faith whatsoever, I’m just in it for the money. It’s a cash cow. You can tell these viewers anything and they will just start shelling out money hand over fist. It works especially well when you scare them, and tell them others are evil. They love that stuff, I think it makes them feel better about themselves, and definitely more likely to give more money. I was able to build up an empire and then sell it to another man who is also in the money-making business of scaring people with lies. I’m revealing all of this now because I’m getting old, sitting on a fortune, and I really just don’t give a rat’s ass anymore. I’ll leave the evangelizing to the next crop of entrepreneurs like Joel Osteen, and Rick Santorum.

The televangelist business is a cash cow. It brings in astronomical amounts of money for barely any labor whatsoever. It’s actually kind of genius when you think about it. Good for Robertson, he is just living the American dream of free market capitalism and preying off of fears in the name of the almighty dollar… apparently the only god he truly worships.

When asked what he planned to do next he said, “I’ll probably chime in every now and again, because scaring people becomes an addiction hard to quit, but otherwise I’ll probably just sit in my gigantic home with my medical marijuana living the good life while others continue to struggle and pray to a god that I don’t believe in.” 

Robertson’s admission has come as a shock to quite a few people, especially Southern Baptist Evangelicals. They will most likely pray for his soul, to which I can only assume… he doesn’t care.


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