Arizona Tea Party Patriot Pleased That He’s Not Required To “Spring Forward”

It seems that one member of the Arizona Tea Party Patriots wants absolutely nothing to do with the “socialist plot” to move time forward. At 2am on March 11, 2012 all clocks throughout the nation will move forward one hour for daylight savings time. All clocks that is, except for Arizona. Officials in Arizona claim that the reasoning behind not moving the clocks forward has to do with the weather and the extreme heat brought about by the summer months. Others in Arizona claim that the clocks are not set forward because it is in refusal of the US government plot to force individuals to move forward out of the dark without their say so.

Arizona has been in the news quite a bit recently regarding several controversial immigration reform bills, women’s rights bills, and not to forget Gov. Jan Brewer shoving her finger in the face of President Barack Obama. They are no stranger to disputation, and seem to enjoy being in the spotlight nationally.

Catching up with Tea Party Patriot, Billy Bunkhausen from Buckeye, AZ, he offered up his opinion on the whole daylight savings controversy:

I really just never understood why so many Americans just bow down to the socialist regime that our national government forces on so many of us. It’s unbelievable how easily some people just want the government to run their lives for them. I’m proud to say that I come from a state that will not put up with that sort of crap spread all over the rest of these great United States. We shouldn’t be told we need to move forward. We should be able to stay in the time that we’re in. No need to stay out of the darkness. The next time someone tells me that what we do here in Arizona is floofy, I’ll tell them a thing or two about true freedom, and the freedom not to be told what to do and stay in the dark. We here in the Tea Party strive to take our country back, not move it forward.

It is apparent that many in Arizona are not on the same page as to why they do not observe daylight savings time, but at least to one fellow, the reason is very clear.

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