Lesbian Parents Are Just Two Single Moms??

With all the recent attacks on women, it is not at all surprising that this conspiracy theory has come to fruition out of the mouths of current Republican legislators. According to state Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend, WI) single mothers are neglectful parents, and should be classified as abusers. Now, the Senator is taking it one step further to not only attack single mothers, but also lesbian parents.

Grothman doesn’t see two women in a committed relationship as legitimate, but rather just as two ladies living together, and if they have children it is as though they are two single moms.

It’s just two women trying to profit off of the system. They can’t get married, so it is what it is… two single women living together with their children, and as I said before single-motherhood is abusive to the child. These women should go out and find themselves some men that would legitimize what a family is truly supposed to be. Family structures are very important and very concrete, and the only functional way to raise a child is with a mother and a father… otherwise, it is just playing with nature and that is not the way God intended the family to be. God created Adam and Eve, not Eve and Emily. 

Sen. Grothman has angered many, but not one man. Former Senator Rick Santorum stands by Grothman’s claims, and is willing to take those opinions to the White House if elected. Santorum said himself, that single mothers are just “breeding more criminals.”

Apparently all women are meant to be barefoot and pregnant with a man… the way God intended it to be.

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