Posthumously Released Breitbart Video Features 9-11 Obama

LOS ANGELES – Andrew Breitbart’s estate has released a video that many say may have been motive for murder and an ongoing cover-up.

The video shockingly features a younger Barack Obama waving from the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 11 just moments before its impact into the World Trade Center’s North Tower. The future president then parachutes to a safe landing near World Trade Center Building 7, flips-off a nearby American flag, and faces Mecca to pray.

Right-wing talk show hosts have suggested that the video is more than ample motive for the President to have Breitbart murdered and suggest that there is a cover-up. They are also calling for the President’s impeachment and arrest for his role in the 9-11 attacks.

However, media critics across the nation have pointed out that the video appears to be the product CGI animation and deceptive editing.

Nonetheless, Fox News says it has certified the video’s authenticity and is now playing it on a continual loop with the chiron, “Obama proven to be Islamic terrorist responsible for 9-11.”

In response to questions about the video, President Obama stated, “look, it’s not that people who believe this video are stupid; it’s just that they don’t have a whole lot of luck when it comes to thinking.”

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