Gov. Jan Brewer: Migrant Workers Are Just In It For The Money

The much talked about Republican Governor of Arizona is upset that migrant workers are just coming here for the money. Apparently she is upset that the migrants are not here to work in the beautiful Arizona sunshine for the fresh air and free exercise. She finds it hard to believe they actually want to get paid after all the generosity and laws she has passed to protect their status.

It appears that the state’s “Papers Please Law” is in place to keep migrant workers for working for pay but not for the sheer joy of helping the state’s farmers, that would be classified as volunteer work which is not prohibited by law. Gov. Brewer’s administration feels these are very progressive policies that the country hasn’t seen since the southern states had their volunteer workers program in the pre-Civil War days till Lincoln abolished the program to satisfy liberals in the North. She recently personally tried to stop a Kenya immigrant, Barack Something who came to Arizona without valid proof of his right to work in her state. Governor Brewer went to the Airport and personally demanded to see his papers, she didn’t even care that he claimed to be the President of something or other, or that he flew in on a big airplane. All she knew was, he was there to give a speech to a crowd of people for compensation and that requires proof of that you have the right to work in this country and especially in her state.

We asked Jose Ramirez, a migrant worker in Scottsdale Arizona why he felt Governor Brewer’s policies were unfair and he told us, “I have to feed my family, they want  people to work for the farmers but they want to make it a crime at the same time. They think by forcing out immigrants that Americans will take their jobs, so where are all the American’s lining up to do back-breaking work for below minimum wage. We get paid by the bushel not by the hour, we get paid for work done not our time working. That’s why families work as a unit to make more money. Americans work individually and that’s why they can’t make a enough to survive doing this kind of work. Migrant families are pooling the resources towards a common goal, we don’t make much but we’re able to survive as a unit. These idiots think they will attract Americans to come out to the fields and work. Okay, let them try. All the states that have forced migrant workers out have also fields with rotting food because the work is beneath the pay and standards of the Gringos looking for jobs. It’s okay, I got a job in construction anyway. apparently these Gringo kids won’t do any job that isn’t on a computer these days.”

In a surprise development, all the states that have implemented the “Papers Please Laws” have under gone a large exodus of immigrants which has resulted in the shortage of workers to harvest crops. Unemployed whites have not been applying for these jobs, and when told the rate of pay they most often say, “are you freaking kidding me, yeah right.”

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