GOP Proposes National Data Base to Track Menstrual and Prenatal Cycles to Prevent Abortions

Congressmen Joe Walsh (R) of Illinois and Allen West (R) of Florida are sponsoring a Bill that would create a national database that would track the menstrual and prenatal cycles of the nation’s women and serve to protect fetuses from induced miscarriages and abortions. It would be the women’s responsibility to register and maintain her own account on the data base and if she misses a cycle and tests positive for pregnancy her case would be monitored by the Department of Justice’s new investigative branch, the Reproductive Investigative Service.

The Bill was inspired by Georgia’s Pre-Natal Murder Bill. Rep Joe Walsh (R) of Illinois said, “We’ve taken a great leap in the fight to protect women’s health, many women forget their cycles and it’s our pleasure to be able to help monitor them and to also protect the rights of our pre-citizens, the unborn. Many might think we’re intruding on the private health concerns of women but the truth of the matter is we’re just protecting the rights of the unborn while trying to respect the privacy of women. We’re working on legislation to amend the Constitution to include full legal rights to zygotes from the moment of conception. The new Reproductive Investigative Service (RIS) will be headed by gynecological doctors and nurses who have taken a pro-life pledge. Women will be monitored discreetly   and sometimes unknowingly, RIS agents will not be required by law to reveal their affiliation or will they be required to have a warrant to perform an examination in the natural course of their duties. The reason why we’re doing this to protect women from their own bad choices. We’re men and we know what’s best for them. This has nothing to do with my personal belief that a women’s reproductive issues are between her husband and her clergyman. To those who feel we are trying to undermine women’s rights, they don’t understand we’re trying to restore women’s rights to days when they were protected by well-meaning men. I don’t understand why so many women distrust so many well-meaning Christian men who are only concerned for their physical and spiritual well-being, what possible reason could they have not to trust us?”

The bill apparently has the support of Senators Rand Paul (R) of Kentucky and Marco Rubio (R) of Florida. They are sponsoring the Senate version of the bill and they have the backing of many in the Tea Party Caucus as well. The exploratory committee was made up by all male members of the House and Senate. Sen. Rand Paul felt it was both an inconvenience and really icky to talk about lady parts in front of the ladies and besides they already know all about that stuff anyway. The all male panel met to discuss the Constitutional barriers that might be met and how to pass the bill under the radar of the press and voters. The bill has met the ire of what the GOP refers to as the unholy trinity Representatives Debbie Wasserman (D), Nancy Pelosi (D) and Maxine Waters (D).  The Democrats have vowed to crush the bill but some in the Tea Party Caucus such as Rep Michelle Bachmann (R) Minnesota thinks it’s a great idea and a really neat way to keep track of  her special moment. The President vows to veto the bill but the GOP is confident if it is not signed by President Obama it will be signed in 2013 by a GOP President.


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