Google Launches Bid to Host 2020 Olympics

In a move that has caused ripples in countries as well as corporations, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt announced yesterday that his company had entered a bid to host the 2020 Olympics.

“As one of America’s most well-known and beloved corporations, Google would be honored to be considered as a host for the Summer Games in 2020,” he said during an afternoon press conference outside the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Rome’s recent and highly publicized departure from the 2020  bidding race has left a wide open field, and Google, although it is the first corporate entity to announce a bid, is already speculated to be leading the pack.

“We’re not a city,” Schmidt admitted.  “But we’re currently in talks with Colorado to actually rent the city of Aspen for the duration of the games.  There’s a big arena there that we think might work—or we could just spend a couple billion and build one.  Either way.  Anyway, that would be pretty cool, right?”

He added, “Maybe we could call it the ‘Googlympics’ that year.  Yeah, I like the sound of that.”

While most Americans embrace the idea of a corporate-hosted Olympic games, there are a few skeptics. “The minute Google made that announcement, I did some research online to find out who some of the other bidders were,” said Donald Foley, a business analyst in San Mateo.   “I had heard good things about Madrid and I wanted to see what kind of competition Google was up against.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find information about any of the other bidders anywhere on the internet.  Weird.”

Now that the bidding race has opened to moneyed corporations, there are rumors that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has considered throwing his company’s hat into the ring as well, but those are yet unconfirmed.  One source claimed Cook was overheard talking about how Apple’s opening ceremony for the games “would make that puppet-show Beijing put on in 2008 look like a walk in the park” because “we could get all those same guys to do it, just over here.  They already work for us.”

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