Today’s Parents Prefer Blogging About Parenting to Actual Parenting

A recent study has found that America’s parents spend more time blogging about parenting than actually interacting with their children.

While the practice of blogging in general is on the wane, it has experienced a recent surge of popularity among new parents, who see it as an opportunity to muse online for endless paragraphs about how incredibly unique and fascinating it is to be a parent.

“My friends don’t really want to hear any more about the powerful feeling of connection I had with [my son] Dakota from the moment I first held him in my arms,” said Alison Mulvey, 33, who writes daily about the experience of being a mother on her website,  “I find that the internet is a great listener, though.  I’m really glad I can use my blog to document and share my experiences as a mother with anyone out there who might be interested.”  At this point in our phone interview Mulvey’s infant son began to shriek piercingly, so she put him in the other room and shut the door.

Favorite topics among parent bloggers include how having children has changed them so much as people, how often their children remind them of themselves, and the amazing strength and power of the love they feel for their children.  They also frequently post photos and recipes.

If this trend continues steadily, researchers believe that by the time this current generation of children is old enough to blog about their own children, 80% of all content on the internet will be related to either parenting blogs, or pornography.

“It kind of makes sense, when you think about it,” a scientist involved in the study noted.  “One thing leads to the other, in sort of a cyclical way.”

Blogger and stay at home Dad Josh Williams, 37, says he uses his blog as a way to make sure he will always remember what it’s like having a young child.  “My three year old daughter Maya says these incredibly sweet and funny things,” Williams said during our interview at his house in Hartford, CT.  “I just want to be able to remember this time forever.  Parenting is such an incredible experience and it goes by so fast.  I want to make sure I’m reflecting on every moment and learning from it.”  He paused as Maya entered the room, dragging a blanket behind her.

“Just a minute, sweetheart,” he told her.  “Daddy’s busy.”

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