Rick Perry: “I’m a big master-debater, you gotta do it slow to get it all out”

Rick Perry is at it again with his colorful antics, forgetful rhetoric, and “think before you say” statements. At an interview with Ann Coulter today on Fox News, Rick Perry responded to the people who dismissed his continued efforts in the race. “Everyone is scratching me off the ballot because of a few miscues and awkward moments. This country needs an everyday guy, someone you can sit down with and drink beers and stuff.” Perry then went on to say, “When I’m with my buddies, and we’re sitting around at the house, shooting the sh*t, I’m a big master-debater, you gotta do it slow to get it all out. Hell, me and my buddies do it together all the time. Sit back, throw on some shorts, and relax while stroking away at our brains, seeing who can get it all out first.”

Rick Perry’s support is dwindling in recent polls. His recent YouTube video “Strong” which features Perry denouncing gays in the military, hasn’t helped out much.  The video currently has over 670,000 dislikes and is poised to break the record for the most disliked video in YouTube history.

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