Lactating Mothers Organize Pump-In

On Tuesday La Leche League, an international breast-feeding organization, will protest federal rules regarding breast milk at sites across the country.  According the organization current Food and Drug Administration regulations do not allow for the interstate transportation of non-pasteurized raw milk except for personal use.  These regulations make it effectively illegal for a mother to pump her breast milk in one state then transport it into another state to feed to her child.

La Leche League spokeswoman, Tina Isabella Thomas, explained the plans for the protest,

“We will be staging more than 20 protests across the country.  The sites are all in locations that will allow these women to easily travel across state lines.  The largest protest will be here in the District of Columbia.  Over 100 women will pump their breast milk on the steps of the United States Capitol Building.  They will then march three miles and cross the Anacostia River into the Commonwealth of Virginia where they will proceed to feed their children the ‘contraband’ milk.  These women and infants are aware that they may be arrested for their actions.  They are committed to making sure that women be allowed to pump their breasts in the front seat of a bus that travels between states.”

It is not clear from the regulations how the type of container used to store the milk might affect the legality of a transaction of raw milk.  The bottles typically used to store breast milk are clearly not allowed, however it is unclear how these regulations would treat milk that is still stored inside a woman’s breast.

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