Survey: Most Conservatives Believe Solyndra is President Obama’s Little Sister

Many conservatives have voiced their concern over the money given to the solar company Solyndra, especially now that they have declared bankruptcy. They would like to see some accountability as to where tax payer money is spent, and they are tired of the government seemingly throwing money away.

Many more conservatives however are upset at the President for agreeing to give money to the solar company because they thought that Solyndra was President Obama’s little sister that he was funneling money to. They thought that the president was scheming the nation into personally funding his family.

Even though many have been informed that Solyndra is not, in fact the presidents sister, others would still like to see some sort of official documentation on the matter. The anger within this group of people has not subsided and may carry into next years election season.

Updates will be presented to you as they become available.

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