House Republicans Push to Pass Constitutional Amendment Allowing Only Corporations to Vote

“The public doesn’t approve of us? Disown me and my colleagues? Well we will not support the people.” said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R- Virginia) during a press conference today. He and multiple other representatives are pushing to pass a constitutional amendment that allow only corporations to vote. With a low approval rating among American voters, Congress is retaliating. Peter King (R- New York) said “Corporations and billionaires approve of us and appreciate our work in this country, so we will represent them. They are the true Americans who believe in this country.”

Tea Party member and active participant Billy Joe Johnson from Mississippi said he’s in full support of this measure during a rally in Biloxi today. “Us American citizens have showed time and time again that we have betrayed our great, fearless leaders by protesting and speaking out against corruption. They do nothing wrong and they’re saints, we should blame ourselves. We elected a socialist, Muslim, anti-Christ from Kenya so we’re the ones that’s un-American. Shame on us, the Tea Party and I support not being able to vote ever again.”

Ron Paul supporters were in uproar over this motion. Jason Frisbee of North Dakota said on a Ron Paul forum, “This is an outrage, we must elect Ron Paul in 2012 so this doesn’t happen. He’s our last chance to freedom and liberty!”

We tried to call Ron Paul today only to reach his secretary who stated that Dr. Paul is “taking a nap” and can only be reached between 6am and 7pm, or at his daily hour brunch at Old Country Buffet.

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