Ron Paul Supporters “Rick Rolled”

There is no doubt that supporters for Dr. Ron Paul are some of the most loyal, dedicated followers in the country. This loyalty showed today when a new Presidential poll was placed on a Ron Paul internet forum.

The poll titled “Who Are You Voting for in 2012?” was submitted on a loyalist forum as an external link. In old, Ron Paul supporter fashion, the link went viral through majority of the supporters websites,blogs, and Facebook pages. When clicked, a poll with various nominee options appeared. But to the surprise of the participants, when clicking on an option, a video of the famous song “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley popped up.

Outraged and upset, many Ron Paul supporters took to social media to vent their anger. On the Facebook page “Ron Paul 2012” the anger was clearly seen. One fan wrote, “Don’t tread on me bro! it’s against the constitution to block my rights to vote. RON PAUL 2012!” Adam Kokesh, a popular RT news anchor and avid Ron Paul supporter, stated on his Facebook page, “Don’t let the MAN take away your rights. This is just the plan of big brother, this is just the beginning. Next, you wont be able to buy lemonade without getting water boarded!”

Dr. Paul was on “Good Morning America” this morning when he learned about the incident. While discussing his lack of media attention and not enough time to talk, a producer cut in on the 2 hour elapsed interview to break the news. Paul ignored the announcement and stormed off set, telling producer Michael Polanski, “I only get a 2 hour interview? Then you come and black me out?”

Ron Paul’s press secretary forwarded an email to us saying, “The continued media black out and attempts by the media to quiet Dr. Paul down is no longer working. We are winning the battle, we’re consistent in the polls week in and week out. A steady 8 percent cannot be matched by any candidate. Romney and Cain keep flip-flopping, one week they’re in the low 40’s the next they’re in the high 30’s. That’s not consistency.”

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