64% of Americans Miss the Cold War

A recent poll of Americans between the ages of 30 and 50 found that a large majority of them would prefer the return of the Cold War as an alternative to our current War on Terror.  Dr. Stephen Falken, a noted Sociologist from DeVry Technical College, was not surprised by the poll’s results.  He interpreted the findings as a longing for a return of the well-defined threats that typified the Cold War era.   “Americans of this age group are too young to remember the most terrifying events of the Cold War such as the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Their attitudes about nuclear war were largely shaped by popular culture.”  According to Dr. Falken it is common for people to look at wars through a prism of popular culture.  “In the 80’s if you wrote some lyrics about an impending nuclear apocalypse and put them alongside some upbeat pop music you have a surefire winner.   Songs such as 99 Luftballons by Nena and Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood are prime examples of this dynamic.  The 80’s were also filled with great patriotic movies like Rambo and Red Dawn.  These were movies that got your heart pumping, closed down your brain and made you want to go kill some Russians.”  Dr. Falken contrasts the Cold War’s cultural achievements to those of the current war.  “The War on Terror has not brought us anything as memorable as the songs and films of the Cold War.  Can you think of a single decent song about the War of Terror?   There have been a few movies that have attempted to show the entertainment value of the War on Terror, but Men Who Stare at Goats can hardly be compared to a classic like Rocky 3.  The truth is that the only redeeming cultural achievement of the War on Terror is the television show ‘24’.”


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