Herman Cain: “I’m An Asshole, And They Still Like Me”

Recently, after an interview discussing his poll numbers and plans for the nation, Herman Cain was caught with his mic still on. He was heard saying to one of his advisors, “I’m an asshole, and they still like me…”

Cain is currently leading in the polls in many battleground states. His remarks come after he has made his ideas and ideals known to the voting public. He has made quite clear his stance on not only gay marriage, but homosexuality in general. He believes that being gay is a choice, and is firm in his stance against gay marriage. He has also made several startling remarks regarding a woman’s right to choose, even though he has flipped and flopped in their specificity. He has also told people of color that they are Democrats because they are brainwashed. Not to mention his infamous 9-9-9 plan that has befuddled and bewildered many on its functionality. He also has little to no experience in foreign relations, which is a little alarming considering the amount of international dealings we are currently in. Most recently, he has also been accused of sexual harassment, and has been captured belittling anyone who disagrees with him instead of treating them with dignity and a polite response as a proper aspiring diplomatic leader would and should always do.

It seems that Herman Cain understands how displeasing he really is, and finds it ironic that people still like him enough to want to vote for him to be the leader of the free world. He’s taking it in stride and will continue on with his ideas and ideals because that seems to be what his supporters want. His quote caught off the record in its entirety was, “I’m an asshole, and they still like me…. they must be assholes too.” Speaking in reference to those that would actually vote for him.

When following up with Cain about these remarks he simply stated, “It is what it is… now let’s move on already.”

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