High Profile Union Declares Support for Occupy Wall Street

As Occupy Wall Street approaches its seventh week it has continued to gain support from a variety of organized labor unions.   The union involvement has given the movement an increased legitimacy and helped broaden the base of those who are supportive of the movement’s message.  The latest union to declare its support will undoubtedly reach out to a segment of the nation which has so far paid little attention to the protests.  On Wednesday the National Basketball Players Association released a statement, which read in part:

“The members of the NBA Players Association have voted overwhelmingly to give our support and backing to the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York and across the country.   We empathize with the plight of these protestors as we too are currently engaged in our own fight against the tyranny of corporate America.  The NBA has instituted a lock-out against our membership as we attempt to negotiate a new contract.  The owner’s proposal is totally unacceptable and would result in untold hardship by our membership.”

Some in the Occupy Wall Street movement were unsure if they wanted the support of the NBA players.  One of them was  heard saying, “How can a bunch of multi-millionaires even begin to understand what we are fighting for?”  LeBron James, superstar forward for the Miami Heat, responded to the criticism by saying:

“The size of my contract should be viewed in perspective.  Last year I made less than $17 million.  However my boss, Micky Arison, has a net worth of over $4 billion.  I may be in the top 1%, but he is in the top .001%.  From that point of view it is easy to see how I sympathize and connect with the plight of these protestors.”

When asked if he would be spending the night in Zuccotti park Mr. James responded,

“I would love too, but unfortunately there is not much room in the park for a man of my size, so instead I have booked a suite at a nearby hotel and I will be visiting the protest every day on my way to the gym.”

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