President Obama’s Plan To Make The GOP Look Like Uncaring Jerks: Handing Them Mirrors

President Obama has been working tirelessly for the past two and a half years to grow the US economy, put people back to work, and make dipping into a second recession an impossibility. He had the audacity to try and figure out a way for all Americans to have a chance at health care, then he had the gall to want our infrastructure fixed, and our children better educated. The First Lady Michelle Obama also had this crazy idea of healthy eating and exercise for the nation’s youth.

Even after helping LGBT individuals gain equality in the US military, trying to help women gain equal pay, and making college more accessible to minorities, he still can not seem to please one group of people… the Republican party.

In an effort to reveal what the GOP looks like to the majority of Americans, President Obama has sent each and every Republican in Congress a mirror with the instructions, “take a good long look at yourself every time you vote no on an issue that affects your constituents in a negative way.” President Obama’s hope is that they will see the real problem that lies within the walls of Congress… themselves. He wants them to see how a majority of the country views them, like the uncaring jerks that they are.

He also plans on making them vote for or against every single aspect of his jobs plan, so that the American people can watch the GOP vote against every last one of them one at a time. Maybe then, with the help of a mirror, the GOP can see what they really are.

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