Herman Cain on Running For President: ‘It’s All Been A Joke’

It seems that Herman Cain is a bit of a kidder. Already during his campaign for president he has been saying some pretty outlandish things that he later admits were just “jokes.”

Now, with his poll numbers up and equal to or better than Mitt Romney, he finally admits that his entire campaign has been a joke.

This comes as a big relief to most in the nation who thought that if Cain’s campaign was serious, the dumbing down of America is well on its way. However, not to worry… it’s not real. The entire thing has been one gigantic practical joke played on the American public. Although, it is really no big surprise to liberals who have been feeling this way about him all along.

Cain revealed in a recent interview, “My 9-9-9 plan has been the icing on the ever elusive cake. It wasn’t until I realized that people were actually taking me for serious that I decided it was time to reveal that this has been a farce all along.”

His supporters are extremely distraught over this news and now do not know who will speak to them in a manner that they understand. Which is, simple English with plans that contain no more than three points. Otherwise it just gets far too confusing for them. Many of them will probably throw their support behind Michele Bachmann or Newt Gingrich, while the rest will support Mitt Romney because that’s what everyone else in the GOP plans on doing anyway.

As jokes go, I must say that this was a good one. Hat tip to you Mr. Cain.

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