Romney Releases Marriage Certificate to Prove He Only has One Wife, Evangelicals Not Convinced

After a comment by the Evangelical Pastor Robert Jeffress that Mormonism is a cult and Mitt Romney is not a Christian, Evangelicals have been fighting amongst themselves whether Romney is a brain washed cult member from the Mormon planet Kolob, or if Utah is mammoth cult compound? They also want to finally determine just how many wives Mitt Romney really has. Many Evangelical Christians feel that the portrayal of family values and jovial character is simply a cultish plot to confound “real Americans” from believing in their brand of Christianity. The evangelicals point to doctrinal differences with Mormons while forgetting that we have a separation of church and state and that a person’s religion should have no bearing on whether someone is qualified to lead or not.

Governor Romney released his marriage license to curb suspicion that he was a Mormon practicing polygamy, but many evangelicals were not convinced of the documents authenticity.  I asked Pastor Billy Pickett what was  the concern over Romney’s religious beliefs and he relied, “Those Mormons have 14 wives each and they make them wear magic underwear. They also believe Jesus and Lucifer were brothers in Heaven and they don’t drink coffee, what’s up with that…I can understand the devil’s liquor but I love Starbucks….it’s just not godly I tell ‘ya..Jesus help us….no coffee! You know, they have one state, why do they need 49 more….And I want to know where the heck is this planet Kolob is and if the Mormons are behind all the UFOs sightings… and how do we really know Romney doesn’t have more than one wife or if he isn’t really from this planet Kolob…is Kolob even in the United States…or is Utah  just a secret base for planet Kolob. How do we know whether or not they’re  Kolobian agents planning to invade the Earth….we gonna have to nip it in the bud, I tell ‘ya.”

The opposition to Romney’s campaign is abased on mythology, pseudo-science, religious bias and Governor Romney’s proper use of grammar and diction. They absolutely hate the fact that Romney supporters know how to use spell check, speak in complete sentences, and read books without pictures. Whether you agree with Governor Romney’s positions we have to agree they shouldn’t judge him based on his religious beliefs but rather on his policies and positions.

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