PETA Protests Outside San Francisco Apple Store

A crowd of over 100 people from the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) assembled Tuesday outside of the San Francisco Apple Store in protest of numerous cases of animal cruelty that they claim are associated with the company’s popular iPhone and iPad. A spokesperson for the group explained that PETA wanted to draw attention to the violence in the game Angry Birds. “PETA believes that the violent acts that are perpetrated against animals when playing the game Angry Birds is repulsive and unacceptable. We realize that the game is not an Apple product, but it is because of iPhones and iPads that the public has access to a game which is responsible for the killing of countless innocent birds and pigs.” When asked if PETA realized that Angry Birds is an animated game and that no actual animals are injured or killed the spokesperson responded, “Of course we know that, but it is totally irrelevant. People everywhere play Angry Birds and that is why we believe it’s important to shed light on these appalling acts of violence. Competitions where real animals are killed, such as dog fights, are much less popular and protesting them would not attract as much media attention as our protests against Apple.”

Tuesday’s action did not include any nudity, which is a common tactic of other PETA campaigns. The spokesperson explained that PETA had decided that nudity would not be used for the campaign against Apple. “However, that plan could change after we assess the amount of media coverage we receive today. Also we will need to see if Pamela Anderson is available.”

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