Michelle Obama Seen Shopping at French Boutique

Guest Editorial by Glenn Beck

I have a story to tell you that will come as no surprise to my followers, who turn to me every morning to learn the talking pints of the day. But, it will ‘probably’ come as a ‘complete’ surprise to ‘you’ liberals. Especially ‘those’ of you who read ‘this’ rag of web-site called the Free Wood Post. This web-site tries to masquerade as a completely reputable source of news but we all know that it is written by a bunch of know-nothings and is under the editorial dominion of Sarah Wood, a well-known Stalinist / Lennonist / Marxist / Hitlerist.

I am here to tell you that your First Lady is as un-American as her husband. In fact she is so un-American that she was recently spotted shopping at an exclusive French boutique. During her shopping excursion to Targét (tar-zhay ) Mrs. Obama attempted to hide from the public by wearing disguise of a baseball hat and sunglasses. Now, ask yourself, why would she go to such great lengths to hide unless she was too embarrassed to be seen mingling with the common people? You may not be familiar with Targét since it is such a small store. But let me tell you, Targét is so un-American that they refuse to sell guns, ammunition or cigarettes.

Mrs. Obama has a history of un-American activities. She even has  planted a vegetable garden outside of the White House and has encouraged American children to eat healthy foods and get plenty of exercise.  Everyone knows that American children need to spend their after-school hours eating Cheetos on the couch while watching violent cartoons. And, on the subject of cartoons, my sources inside the White House have told me that your First Lady only allows her daughters to watch shows such as Ni-Hao Kai Lan and Dora the Explorer. Both of these shows strive to indoctrinate our children into a New-World Order by teaching them Chinese and Spanish. And, why is it that she that she only has daughters? Why no sons Michelle? I tell you it is all part of the feminization of our great country.

I have just one last thought to leave you with. I don’t mean to question where Mrs. Obama was born, although I do wonder why they have refused to release a video of her birth.

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