Rick Perry Proposes New ‘Educashun’ Plan for America

Governor Rick Perry, proud Aggie alumni and D+ student is living proof that lack of good grades is not a barrier to prosperity especially when all of your campaigns are subsidized by big oil and wealthy ranchers.

As Perry stood before an assembled crowd at a fund-raiser given by the Texas Home Schoolers Association or as they spelled it, The Texas Home Scholers Association, he gave a rousing speech to the crowd.

My fellow Texans and Americans we have become besieged by the left-wing notion that so-called science should not be called into question. This evolution theory is just that a theory…. nothing in it can be proven. You can’t prove fossils are more than 8,000 yrs old or that dinosaurs didn’t perish in the flood….But we can legislate that our beliefs are held as competing theories and we’ve done that here In Texas (applause). We can also legislate that global warming is a hoax and not created by man. I firmly believe that the so-called science of thermodynamics has many holes in it….the notion that changes in sea temperatures and melting ice caps have any effect on the weather are just fairy tales told by liberal nut jobs…..we have our own scientists here in Texas. The good men of research labs at Texaco, Getty, and the Petroleum Institute….These good men and women have created so many jobs for Texans. What reason would they have to lie to the good people of Texas and to all Americans? It just makes no sense, folks. I’m also disturbed by the notion that we need the government to teach our kids when parents can teach them at home….Y’all smart people, you don’t need a fancy master’s degree to teach one plus one and I’m firmly convinced you only need one book to teach science, history, religion, and good old common sense and that’s the good book folks. I’m convinced all this talk about needing so-called qualified people to teach your kids is a socialist scam to indoctrinate them into their liberal socialist agenda. I’m telling you, don’t be surprised if your kids come home and says, mom and dad I learned we can from monkeys today at school. Don’t be surprised if your kid comes home and says, mom and dad, we have a new kid in our class, she’s from San Francisco, named Heather and she has two mommies. I don’t want say I told you so……so teach your kids, your way….the Texan way..at the kitchen table and not in front of a computer.”

We asked the Governors campaign for a clarification on a few points, such as what are the checks and balances for home schooled children not taught by parents without a back ground in education or how many scientists world-wide support the claim the Earth is only 8,000 yrs old or dinosaurs died 5,000 yrs ago during Noah’s flood? How does he counter the claim by geneticists that our DNA is linked to early man or  how could ancient sea life from the time of the dinosaurs have gone extinct but not whales, sharks and other sea life? How will home schooling prepare kids for 21st century world using 19th century teaching techniques? We asked, how can ancient literature outside of creating of a moral compass prepare children for the rigors of 21st century life with its complex challenges and ever-increasing need to understand complex technical issues? Not to mention the plethora of climate change data and extreme climatic events that have occurred over the past decade.

I do agree with Governor Perry in that we are at a cross roads between returning to the old ways or towards progress and carving out our own destiny out of an untamed wilderness called the future. I once read that, life is nothing more than the sum total of all our choices. I find it amazing that so many people fear the future and cling to a past that has not benefited most of humanity. But it has served to keep many people compliant, docile and obedient to the benefit of their masters. We will see in 2012 which road we will take but I’m not taking any chances, I’ll have my passport and my Canadian-American dictionary ready just in case Governor Perry wins.

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