Fox News Team Taken on Surprise Field Trip to See How Actual Journalists Work

In what was a special treat for the young folks at Fox News, a school bus showed up just outside their headquarters in New York on Wednesday to take them to meet the employees at independent news outlet KBBY Action News – a real life news station.

“I didn’t think we’d get to do anything like this again,” said a wide-eyed and excited Jenna Lee, co-host of Happening Now. “After what Connell [McShane] did at the canning plant, Mr. Ailes said there wasn’t gonna be any more field trips.”

Arriving at KBBY, the crew at Fox was amazed by the professionalism displayed on-site.

“No one threw anything at me when I walked into the cafeteria,” said Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. “I don’t think they’re even allowed to throw things here. Everyone was real nice to me. I wish I could stay.”

Throughout the field trip, the intrepid Fox News crew was educated on all of the tricks of the trade, including how to tell when the camera is running, the importance of using sources, and, most important to KBBY station manager Mary Ansty, office etiquette.

“There was one Special Needs employee on the field trip with certain, hmmm – let’s call them personal space issues,” said Ansty in an interview after Fox News had left. “He was very friendly, he kept saying to people ‘I’m Bill and I’m six foot three,’ all the while counting his height on his fingers to show everyone. When he tried to touch one of our female employees though, I had to take him aside and explain to him that certain things were not appropriate in the workplace. I think eventually he understood.”

While a fun and educational time was had by all who attended, people were given a bit of a scare at the end of the day when no one could locate Sean Hannity. Luckily, one Fox employee with a good little memory helped avert a crisis.

“Sean was off sick today, so we never took him with us,” Geraldo Rivera told field trip organizers.

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