Recent Bachmann Gaffes Actually Cybernetic Programing Glitches

Recent documents released by WikiLeaks from an embedded source from within the Raelian Church which is a UFO religion founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon, now known as Raël details secret experiments in cloning and cybernetics at their Clonaid facility . The Raelian Church switched  ownership of Clonaid to one of its Bishops.  The controversial company Clonaid claimed it had cloned a human being in Geneva, Switzerland in 2002 and that an American woman underwent a standard cloning procedure that led to the birth of a daughter, Eve (b. December 26, 2002). Although few believe the claim to actually authentic. The Raelians believed they had perfected reversed engineered alien technology.

Clonaid has expanded their cybernetics division and has engaged secret government-funded research in the area of human hybrid cybernetics. The document states that the original software engineer Claude Bastille died in a mysterious car crash while vacationing in the Alps in October of 2009. Since Bastille’s death several of their models has been exhibiting erratic behavior including bizarre outbursts, public displays of illogical, physical and psychological breakdowns. The company was particularly disturbed that it’s benchmark Qaddafi model has somehow overridden all it’s fail safes and has become quite dangerous, they are attempting to recover this model at present. Bastille led the field with his research and applications in the area personality algorithms. Bastille said in one of the leaked documents, “I first starting seeing deviations in the code with both the Cheney and Bush models, they were supposed be synced with our Hussein model but I started seeing program variations not of my design and I came to the conclusion that they have become comprised by a foreign influence.” Several days later Bastille died in an accident on a mountain road.

In a file named Bachmann, Models I and II Cybernetic Personality Codes and Revisions it states, programming errors in both sub-models has been noted. In the Bachmann I (male) model, the sexual orientation code was misapplied in resulting behavior in conflict with the rest of its programming. The verbal queue coding for sexually conflicting algorithms is “pray away the gay.” This verbal cue allows programmers to readjust the programming and restore functions to be in sync with its married couple program. The Bachmann II (female) model has exhibited erratic behavior in its logic centers exhibiting dangerous tendencies, stalling and exhibiting signs of overloaded circuits. The cue code for the female model’s malfunctions is the exhibiting of the crazy eyes expression. It is our recommendation that the Bachmann II (female) model be recalled for further study and dissection and that the Bachmann I (male) be reprogrammed to become a high fashion designer or wedding planner in order to infiltrate high society and gather intelligence for its host government.”

These documents shed light on the apparent bizarre behaviors exhibited by many in power on the right and that these Manchurian candidates are dubious at best. If any average citizen were to exhibit their type of behavior it would warrant a mental health examination. So, whenever you see Michelle Bachmann make a gaffe, watch to see if she exhibits the crazy eyes expression, if she stalls like a deer in the headlights when confronted by logic contrary to her programming and then you to will see it was a programing glitch.




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