43 Yr Old Man Living in his Mom’s Basement Still Unable to Find Job.

On a dreary Seattle Autumn day, Ollie Danielson wakes up and gets ready for a another day of job hunting, it’s 3 pm in the afternoon. “I have to check my email for job offers” he tells me as he releases a huge belch. Ollie checks his in box, only to find a message that his DVD is two days late. He puts on fresh deodorant without showering first and spits out a mouthful of mouth wash without bothering to brush at all. “Carpe Diem” he says, and he’s ready to seize the day. He grabs the morning paper, checks Dilbert and his horoscope and proceeds to the want ads only to find under 100k jobs listed . Ollie tells me he’s posted his resume on a 100K job site yesterday and he expects a call any day now. I ask Ollie what he did before becoming unemployed, he tells me, “I was a certified custodial engineer, man. I worked in a hospital at nights cleaning up puke, blood and crap all night long.” I then ask him how he lost his job and he tells me, “I was fired for going to a Motley Crue concert in Las Vegas, man. It was totally awesome man but I had to work those days but I told my boss three days before I had tickets, man and he said I couldn’t go on such short notice, so I got fired. What a douche bag, man.”

I asked Ollie about his job searching techniques and how he’s networking with others to find permanent employment? He replied,”I look in the paper every morning and I check the Internet and if I like a job then I email the resume to the job.” I asked if he made follow-up calls, called job banks and called temp agencies or applied for retraining at a community college? He looks at me and says, “you’re kidding right? If they want me they better call me, they know I’m an asset to any company.” Then I asked Ollie about his special qualifications and why he’s asking for such a high salary considering his previous employment situation? Ollie explained it this way, “dude I have a genuine certificate in custodial engineering, anyone can mop floors but I have a certificate, man.”

I followed Ollie to the coffee shop where he read his paper and circled a few want ads, he sipped his coffee and ate a biscotti. Ollie told me he hopes to get one of those jobs testing products like video games and computers someday. He then told me he had to go back home and take a nap because his World of Warcraft guild is meeting tonight on-line and he doesn’t want be sleepy when he’s killing orcs. I wished him best in his job search and I gave him some job search resources I unfortunately doubt he will use.

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