Next Dr. Oz Episode: Are Your Oranges Full of Acid?

Reps for the Dr. Oz show confirmed Friday they would be devoting the next several episodes of the popular daytime talk show to exposing the potentially dangerous levels of acid in oranges.

Rick Putz, head of PR for the show, said people deserved to know if the oranges they were feeding their children had deadly acid in them.

“People will be shocked,” said Putz. “Our findings revealed moderate-to-high levels of acid in nearly every orange we tested. This is serious stuff – I don’t know anyone unaware of the devastating effect acid can have on human tissue.”

While the show admitted that it tested for all types of acid in the oranges, not just for the lethal varieties, and that it then lumped its findings into a single non-specific report, Dr. Oz noted on Piers Morgan that parents can never be too careful – or too afraid.

“Parents deserve to know if the oranges they bring into their homes are going to cause their children to melt into a horrifying pile of goo right in front of them,” said Oz.

“That’s every mother and father’s worst nightmare.”

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