Florida Straw Poll Winner: Herman Cain (Voters Wish He ‘Only Had A Brain’)

The Florida Straw Poll results for the GOP presidential nominee have shown Herman Cain to be the clear winner. It is unclear how the votes have been swayed. Apparently many of the voters didn’t understand the meaning of the poll, and thought they were voting for the candidate that they believed was most in need of a brain. This also seemed to be the case last month in Iowa when Michele Bachmann won that state straw poll.

Many voters seem to be confusing “straw poll” with the ‘Scarecrow’ from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ who was made of straw, and lacked a brain. The voters in the Florida poll clearly saw Cain as the candidate most likely to need a brain. With the results of this poll not being entirely accurate, it cannot be certain that Mr. Cain is a true contender for the 2012 GOP nomination. Only time will tell.

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