Tea Party Crashes ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protest, Finally Brings Press To Event

Since September 17th there has been a protest taking place in Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park), which is in the heart of New York City’s Financial district. The protest has been called “Occupy Wall Street”. It is a “leaderless resistance movement” spearheaded by the activist magazine Adbusters. They want to take to task the people responsible for the meltdown of the national and world economy.

Up until now, there has been virtually no press coverage for the event. Just a smattering on some news outlets, with a little more coverage on liberal news outlets such as MSNBC and Current. However in recent days, a group of five Tea Party members have set up a lawn chairs directly across the street from the Wall Street protesters, so that they can protest “this liberal agenda of shutting down capitalism.” Since arriving on the scene, news trucks from around the world have focused their attention on this protest of the protest by these few Tea Party Patriots.

When asking one of the Tea Party members why they were there he replied, “Whenever I see these liberal progressive commies I assume it’s for a bad reason, so I’m here to make sure they don’t get too riled up and cause our economy to shut down completely.” When the Tea Party member was informed that the protesters were there to make their voices heard over the economic collapse, and want to hold the people to blame accountable he said, “Then why isn’t they down at the White House tellin’ that socialist Obama to stop tryin’ to regulate these here people just tryin’ to do business.”

It was quite obvious that the meaning of the protest was lost on these Tea Party members who were there just to be angry at “the progressives” with no other apparent cause to be sitting there all day every day. At least now the protest is getting the news coverage it was failing to draw on its own. Apparently, five Tea Party members is more news worthy than thousands of protesters.

Note to Wall Street Protesters: Next time, bring lawn chairs and misspelled signs.

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