Perry Seen Practicing Piano, Singing “Tiny Dancer” During Debate

Fox News cameras caught Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry practicing the piano on his podium at least a dozen times during the Fox News/Google Presidential debate in Orlando last night, even as he was answering questions or arguing with Mitt Romney.

During one intermission, audience members reported hearing him sing portions of “Tiny Dancer,” a 1971 Elton John hit.

In one instance, Fox News cameras caught Perry singing the lyrics “piano man he makes his stand/in the auditorium” just under his breath while Mitt Romney admiringly looked on and tapped his fingers on the lectern.

“You could hear it clear as day,” said Barbara Stinson, an independent voter who sat in the fifth row of The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, where the debate was held. “When he got to the chorus you could just see the emotion, just singing ‘hold me closer tiny dancer,’ it was like, ‘wow,’ this guy couldn’t answer shit tonight, but he can really groove.”

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