Cain’s Chance to Be President Tanks After Admitting “I Kinda Like the New Facebook”

Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain’s chances of being the next U.S. President took a serious dive Wednesday after he was overheard saying “I kinda like the new Facebook redesign.”

Political pundits and some Republican opponents were quick to jump on the gaffe, saying that it may doom Cain’s bid to be the Republican presidential nominee in August. One political observer noted that Cain’s gaffe “could cost him what was likely a solid fifth place finish in New Hampshire’s primary. He’s running sixth now in my book.”

It’s not known why Cain made the comment, though those close to the Cain campaign indicated that he typically uses Facebook only to play Farmville, an online strategy game that is largely unaffected by the new design.

Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann quickly took advantage of Cain’s political mistake. While speaking at a meatpacking plant in Iowa, Bachmann said “I find it interesting that Mr. Cain’s first name is Herman and that’s made up of ‘her’ and ‘man.’ I’m not a language expert or anything, but I think that really says something.”

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