Tiny Nation of Monaco Asks for Help as U.S. Billionaires Pack Hotels, Seeking Refugee Status

Monaco, known for its expensive hotels and high-stakes luxury casinos, has requested international help to stem the tide of U.S. billionaires fleeing class warfare in the United States, sources close to Monaco’s ruling monarchy confirmed late this afternoon.

According to a spokesperson for the government of Prince Albert II, approximately 100 wealthy Americans have sought refugee status in Monaco as a result of a proposed U.S. policy to tax the ultra-rich at a rate comparable to middle class Americans. The move has prompted some Republican candidates to declare class warfare, leading to billionaires fleeing the country in fear.

In Monaco, officials pleaded with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to do something about conditions in the tiny kingdom. “Conditions in the country are definitely worsening,” said one government official, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity. “Our hotels are nearly full, and we are receiving demands for in-room Baccarat and 56-inch plasma televisions that we simply cannot accommodate. It’s dire.”

In related news, New Mexico’s governor has asked federal officials for help in dealing with an influx of poor families from Texas who are said to be fleeing a decade-long “economic bombardment” by Texas officials, who are said to be intent on denying any signs of poverty other than fast food signs. New Mexico officials said they are not prepared to handle the influx other than to continue the same policies as other Republican governors in more populous neighboring states.

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