George Bush’s Presidency Excluded from Texas School Books


In a move to cut out all history that might offend the religious right and conservatives and after two years of deliberation, the Texas State Board of Education (TSBE) has refused to include the presidency of George W. Bush in Texas textbooks.

Liberals want to hijack history and put us in the worst light with irrelevant details and presidencies, including things in our text books that puts America and conservatism in a negative light,” says committee chair Christian Gunn.

“I don’t think our young children should be learning negative history of George Bush when we have a Nigerian Muslim in the White House. The facts about Bush are dangerous and anti-American and not pertinent to the current state of America. It’s unnecessary and harmful, like Thomas Jefferson,” an anonymous committee member stated.

“Moreover,” said committee member Nancy Ayn Fibber, “the Republican Presidential candidates refuse to acknowledge George W. Bush, so information about his presidency is clearly unimportant and not needed.”

“Besides,” chimed in Gunn, “Our books only have a certain number of pages in them, and we had to keep  material about our heroes Joseph McCarthy, Nathan Bedford Forest and Oliver North.”

Tex Shelters

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